Thursday, September 2, 2010

Shady Dell Bisbee Arizona... "Sleep in a Vintage Trailer Inn"

Some day I want to visit this Place. I'll put it on my bucket list. Bisbee Arizona is on the border of Arizona and Mexico. I've heard it's a little vintage trailer park that rents out trailers for overnight guests.

I'll take a chocolate malt, fries and a chili dog. The diet can wait.


  1. Been there, done this & it ROCKED!!!! Love Bisbee all together & Tombstone is on the way which was so fun...but the Shady Dell is just so cool. The owners are lovely people & we had a great trip on that adventure. Even brought back a 1958 Lakewood Trailer from Bisbee. I know your wish will come true, I have never really met a lot of girls who love vintage trailers as much as we nice to know a kindred spirit!!!
    Smiles & Vintage Vacations,

  2. Yep, I'm on a diet. The sound of that makes me want to chuck it though.

  3. That place looks like so much fun. Someday I would love to go there.

  4. OH MY GOSH, I'm pretty out of my mind EXCITED about finding your blog!!! I love anything vintage but especially vintage travel trailers!!!
    I will be reading every single post on your blog and drooling like crazy. Come see my Cozy Cottage on Wheels! I have it pictured on my blog banner... and if you want to read her story, click on the side bar pic.
    I have seen the Shady Dell but have yet to stay there. Definitely on my Bucket List.

  5. Stayed there a few times in my teardrop while my mom and sister stayed in one of te trailers. Getting ready for the vintage trailer gathering in Parker, AZ



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