Saturday, September 25, 2010

Elkhart Indiana ... Home of the Vintage Trailer Museum

Years ago our family passed through Elkhart Indiana on our way home from a vacation out east.

We saw a wonderful brochure for the Vintage Trailer Museum as we toured the Jayco trailer factory. Unfortunately not very many people in Elkhart knew where it was. After much searching we found it.

It was in an old warehouse building, but I thought it was neat. They had many trailers set up to tour and a wonderful library of all old trailer brochures. They were raising money to move the museum near the interstate. We have not been back, so I've always wondered if they were able to get their new trailer museum built. If anyone knows ... please post pictures of comments. Thanks...


  1. How neat! I would love to visit this museum. We have a 1974 Airstream that an oven that was better than the one I had in my home before our remodel. Many good times have been had in it.
    Ladybug Creek

  2. really great! hope they got to make the move...

  3. We were just there last year and we took tons of photos and yes they moved to a brand new building just for them :) is the set link

  4. Nancy's reminds me so much of a place that was in downtown Elkhart ,Indiana. It was in the alley behind J.C. Penny. It was called Woody & Irma's.



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