Saturday, September 18, 2010

My Heart Goes Pitter Patter for Pink Shastas!!!

This is a great Pink Shasta trailer that a proud owner posted many years ago. I think she' from Texas if I remember. It's this a great trailer!!! They did such a great job!!
This is a picture she took with her family. I think the story was they they had stopped at a rest area and this other pink trailer "Lakewood" pulled in beside theirs so they had to get a picture. I would love to meet this fun gal!!


  1. I...(sniffle)...WANT....ONE!!!!!!! (sniffle, sniffle)

  2. I'm retiring & looking for a red or pink Shasta trailer.
    One that was originally red or pink, not just painted that color aftermarket.
    I don't have the skills or the desire for restoration, so I need one restored.
    Any assistance would be appreciated.
    Thanks, Donna



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