Monday, September 20, 2010

Mickey and Minie's Vintage Trailer

This is a framed puzzle that I'm blessed to own. It was a puzzle that was given to me by my mother in a box of "stuff" from my grandmother. It was put in our basement and forgot about until several years after I got into trailers.

One day as if I light bulb went off in my head ... I thought about the forgotten puzzle in the basement. I thought it was Micky Mouse.., but I didn't remember it was a trailer. You can image my great delight when I saw the image. I couldn't put the puzzle together fast enough to see if all the pieces were there.... AND they WERE!!!


  1. oh what a neat thing to have. i love me some mickey mouse. a million "SWOONS" from me.

  2. Dont ' you just love the unexpected surprises and being that it belonged to your grandmother is the cherry on the top .



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