Friday, August 27, 2010

Vintage Trailers.... Let's Party

My good friend Jean dressed up for one of my vintage trailer parties.
She's sitting in "Lucy" one of my little trailers in the Vintage Trailer Park.

This was a night time party with Kids. We had a hula hoop and bubble gum blowing contest and drank root beer out of bottles. Everyone got in the act. It was so much fun.

We called this party: "Nancy's Night Time Vintage Trailer Extravaganza".


  1. Hey Friend...
    One of my blog buddies sent me over here & I LOVE it!!! We are kindred spirits sister. My hubby & I just came back from a vintage trailer rally in so cal where we live & I did 3 posts about it. We have been buying, restoring, selling & keeping them for about 10 years now. We've probably had 50 & have 2 now in our yard. Anything from teardrops to huge vintage airstreams we've had. :) Your party looks delightful...I sooooo wish I could have come!

  2. Found you through Amy's Vintage Cottage and I love it here! I can't wait to browse around more. Can I just move in one of those darling trailers? Precious!

  3. I must say your friend Jean looks marvelous! Love her glasses and the enamel pin she is wearing. She looks like she was having a hoot!
    That pretty white lampshade is adorable.

  4. Let me know when you plan to have vintage trailer rallys at your place and i'll bring mine from Des Moines.

  5. Hey Nancy and everyone! I'd like to meet you all. I have purchased a 62 Shasta Airflyte and she is currently being spruced up for me...I get her in late June/early July. She is to be painted today...PINK! I'm so excited...been scouring Ebay and Etsy for her endlessly! What I'm MOST excited about is this hot pink and white checkerboard GLITTER tile flooring I found...I'm DYING over the flooring!!! I see how this is addicting...I've already been dreaming of one in another color! Anyway...I'm an IOWA girl but currently live in hey and I'd love to come to Iowa w/ my Pink Dream!



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