Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Get the Campsite Set up Vintage Style...

These are pictures of trailers that are not mine, but ones that I have found off the Internet over the years. I just love how these clever owners had set up their "camp sites". Vintage Trailer people are fun loving people who love whimsy. I love the flamingos and the little white fence, also the clothes line.
Love the wreath hanging from the side of this trailer.

The artificial grass carpet and white chairs... practical yet... fun.

This Shasta owner has a great vintage awing.. also don't you love the vintage table cloth and artificial flowers.


  1. Oh Nancy, thanks for posting these lovelies. I'm so enamored with that first one. I truly love everything red...so 50's looking. You might be influencing me to start searching for one of these beauties to keep in our backyard :)
    I could do some mean crafting in one of them, surrounded by charm. I don't think my hubby will be too thrilled, but time will tell. :)

  2. I'm drooling! Now that my husband bought another truck I have dropped the "I'd love to have a vintage trailer" comment. He has to warm up to an idea, so I have my fingers crossed! ~ Ames

  3. I want one for my backyard, too! They are just yummy!

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