Monday, August 30, 2010

A Peek Inside the Shasta Compact

The little Shasta Compact trailer's Theme is Route 66 and all those fun thing you pick up along your travels at tourism shops.


  1. It looks so cute! I recognize some of the things in the little trailer that my parents used to have!~Patti

  2. I'm a red plaid lover, actually an any color plaid this one I like. I'm so fond of those old fashioned plastic ketchup and mustard containers, that I store them year round in our fridge. Makes it easy for the kiddos to pour out their condiments. I'm so happy you write this blog!!

  3. I want one of these little gems for my own. I want to decorate it cute like you do and travel with my girls to new places. I have trailer envy. :( ~Ames

  4. I just stumbled upon some pictures of vintage trailers and fell in love! I would love nothing more than to own a tiny trailer to decorate and travel a bit in. Most often to use in our backyard! I am addicted!
    Marcia in Canada



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