Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Oilcloth in Vintage Trailers... This is a Great Idea

Sometimes an idea has to hit me between the eyes before the light bulb goes on.
I own a home decor & antique shop and we sell oilcloth. I was looking at other blogs... of course I couldn't find the picture to show you, but some very clever trailer person had covered their old upholstery in their trailer with OILCLOTH\!!! Wow.... Somehow I have never thought of that... Can you believe it.... Oilcloth is perfect for everything in trailers... tablecloths, cushion covers etc.... I really want to try making a "V" pennant with different scraps of Oilcloth... I think it would be soooo cute.


  1. did you see my oilcloth and pennant I made for our 62 Vintage Shasta... come see me!

  2. oilcloth. whoodathunkit?! great idea!


  3. I adore oilcloth! How do you folks in warmer climates find it to sleep on? I have memories of Galveston, TX in the summer, getting up from a chair covered in it and feeling the skin on the backs of my thighs tear as I stood.



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