Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Vintage Travel Trailer Party
Welcome to Nancy's Vintage Trailers....
Several Years ago I held a party with my vintage trailers .
It's so great how the popularity of vintage trailers have taken off.  I'm hoping this summer to get my little vintage trailer park back to it's glory days so I can have another party.  Iowa winters are hard on my little babies, but a large metal building never seems to be in the budget.
Thanks for stopping by my blog...
I'm hoping to post more this year.
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  1. love... it can i come...have vintage van, however harriet cannot come as she lives in australia x

  2. Can you also post night pictures from your previous retro trailer parties, Nancy? I bet it would be mystifying to see the camper vans vaguely visible only in the light of the lantern lights. On another note, it would be a great support to your little vans during winter if you'd install rigid foam insulation all through out.

  3. Love your photos! How was your summer of 2013? Did you all come together again?I had a '54 Shasta. Someone stoled it off the street of Monterey, Ca. So sad. I look forward to getting another one. Any leads on a fixer upper( as I'm not a wealthy women).



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