Thursday, February 21, 2013

Vintage Trailers:
Take your Vintage Trailer to A Flea Market or
to the State Fair... It's so All American.

It's winter here in Iowa with 7 " on the way tonight....
I'm dreaming of a sunny warm summer night when I can play in my little trailers...

Stay Warm and Safe...


  1. How cute, Nancy! Very, very cute post- Diana

  2. Very much enjoyed reading your blog,,, what i wouldn't give to have my own "trailer park" in my back yard,,, getting my own vintage gem (62 Ace) out of storage in two weeks and i am going through withdrawal symptoms BIG TIME waiting for the day... really want one i can park out back to "get my fix" when the Tin Inn is in storage for the winter... want a cardinal (pink and cream) for my backyard party hut... can't wait for camping season!

  3. So happy I stumbled upon your little blog!! I have a 1963 Shasta Compact. I love all vintage trailers and would bring them all home to redo if we had the space and money.



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