Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Nancy's Vintage Trailers..

This was my first trailer... a 1960 Yellowstone

This is another Yellowstone and is decorated in a Mickey Mouse theme.
1959 Shasta Compact... decorated in Route 66 and vintage travel memorabilia.

"Lucy" 1960 Comanche... Decorated in Pinks, Aqua, Girly Stuff, Lucy and Pastels..

1958 Shasta Airflyte... in original condition and paint, except for the wings...


  1. well hello nancy! I can't believe no one has posted a comment yet! your site is so cute.
    and it's always fun to find another trailer nut. if I had a blog, it would have to be called "becky's trashy trailer park" I would like to email you some pictures of my collection and "stuff". I have more bigger ones, but one you would love, a 1959 friendship vacationaire, a little ham can. so here is my email,
    I'm hoping to get a comanchee today! becky

  2. Love your site. I have a 1961 Friendship Vacationaire and your site has given my a new vision for my backyard. Now I just have to convince my husband that we need more trailers!

  3. Hello, I just found your site - thanks for sharing the beautiful photos!
    We have been redoing vintage trailers since we met Craig Dorsey
    (, who created, among many others, the Adirondack Airstream. We just acquired our 6th (I think), a 65 Shasta
    out of a relative's farm in Nebraska. Had to buy a trailer to bring it home to Idaho! We are starting on this baby - it actually has its own spot in our shop - my other ones never had that luxury.
    Vintage trailers are such a wonderful addiction! Sisters on the Fly, Vintage Vacations, Glamping, the word coined by Mary Jane Butters,
    it is all good! Thanks again.
    Kathy - Pierce Idaho

  4. i just purchased a shasta mini and am looking for spare parts any suggestions as to where to purchase?? ty



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