Tuesday, December 28, 2010

A Blast From the Past... Sledding on Our Iowa Farm

My little trailer park is covered in snow. I'm trying to download old pictures from my childhood. I love this one of my sister and I sledding from a winter past on our Iowa Farm. I'm the one in the red coat. Don't you love our sleds and red boots. Those were the days!!


  1. I remember winters with these sleds. I remember leaving the house for the entire day to go sledding. We would walk forever. I don't ever remember being cold and we would be outside all day. There was always snow. Things seem so different now.......I grew up and still live in Ohio.

  2. Those look like red rubber rain boots, which meant your mama probably made you wear about 3 pair of woollen socks inside them to keep you warm. Am I right? :)

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